Evoke in Logistics

Evoke apps are used across the very diverse area of logistics covering transportation, inventory, packaging, supplies, social security and warehousing. As Evoke designed apps can operate across multiple devices (from watches and mobile phones through to tablets and desktops) it means that the apps are capable of being used in all types of environments and conditions;
In an office but also outside, on the move and/or in different locations.

Flexibility and offline processing
Apps for logistics management are able to take full advantage of Evokes map and location components, using tracking and the mix of analytical and graphical User Interfaces.
Evoke's own Component Library of actions, over 100 different UI Widgets and standalone Components (including Web services, Google Maps, 360° images and hot-spotting, embedded videos, Chatbots, etc.) combined with its options for unlimited customisation means that you can have the best of both worlds in that you can create both analytical and graphical elements of the same app. You can also establish the view and functions according to the type/management position of the authorised user, providing the right UI for the right person at different points of use.
When your staff or customers want access to information regarding shipping, transportation or tracking it is often time-critical and it is important that not being able to access 5G/4G coverage or reliable Wi-fi should not present a restriction. As a key component of Evoke Native apps, you can configure the app to fall back to a secure offline database located on the device. You are able to configure the content and security of the data available in the offline database as well as the functions that specific types of user can perform when offline.

Security is obviously essential when of providing information or services regarding transportation, shipping, tracking, etc. All data in Evoke apps is encrypted and multi-level, and multi-factor authentication ensures that all information remains secure. With Evoke, extensive user security allows the provision of subsets of information to different members of your staff or directly to your customers allowing them to review or update selected information directly from their phones, tablets and desktops thereby improving efficiency and information capture. All data in Evoke apps is encrypted and multi-level, and multi-factor authentication ensures all client accounts remain highly secure.

Information Management
Screenshot of an app built using Evoke on an Iphone
Evoke apps allow you to manage extensive information distribution securely and efficiently. Use your app to manage:
  • Shipping documents

  • Export/import documents

  • Letters, emails, messages

  • Compliance documents

  • and all other logistics documentation

More general information (e.g. proposals, orders, stock reports, warehouse maps, etc.) that a logistics operation stores, uses and/or disseminates can all be controlled very effectively and securely in a desktop and mobile/cloud environment via your app.
Most importantly the representation of this information to the end-user can be in the appropriate style; graphical, analytical, as a file or document, and on multiple device types.

The best place to see a demonstration of some of the powerful Evoke functions used by companies in the Logistics sector when they have built apps is by using the Evoke Example App.
This app has been created, using Evoke, and is deployed as a live app at Evoke Example App. The specific URL is https://www.appevoke.com/ExampleApp