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BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, has been delivering development and integration tools for major companies operating business critical, line-of-business, applications on a range of databases for over eighteen years based on Microsoft technologies.

Building on an unrivalled knowledge of MultiValue and SQL based databases and Microsoft's world class .NET development tooling Bluefinity now introduces Evoke to meet the challenge faced by CIO/CTO's worldwide to deploy line-of-business applications on mobile devices.

With the introduction of Evoke BlueFinity has a new flagship product that meets the challenge faced by CIO/CTO's.  Evoke handles the multidimensional problem with ease - from, multiple devices to multiple operating systems and User Interface via a web services middleware to integration with existing business logic and data.

BlueFinity is committed to an aggressive development plan for Evoke, ensuring its partners and customers will always be able to take advantage of the very latest of technological innovations to deploy multi-platform, multi-operating system based business applications.

BlueFinity's product range includes:

Evoke Rapid App development


'One code suits all' app development across all of today's leading platforms and devices - Windows, iOS, Android, desktop, tablet and phone.

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Rapidly create feature-rich, high performance applications using the powerful tools provided by Microsoft's .NET environment - no MultiValue database knowledge needed!

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Seamless MultiValue integration with Microsoft SQL Server for purposes such as data mining, data migration, reporting services and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

BlueFinity Services


BlueFinity delivers the high level of services you require. Whether you're looking for training, design or a complete implementation you get the expert you need.


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  Mpower1 International

Since 2002, Mpower1 has grown into a group of companies operating in the IT, compliance and energy harvesting markets worldwide. 

Operating from offices around the world and specializing in computer software, Mpower1 provides resources and skills for accelerated growth, business creation/turnaround, regional growth and market development.

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Mpower1 have developed successful companies that provide, amongst other products;

Banking software specialist consulting and services

Specialist products for Multivalve applications

Application & special project development service

Electronic document delivery &  REACH compliance

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