How Evoke Works
Evoke is a low-code/no-code Rapid App Development platform that gives you all you require to design and develop powerful business apps and to deploy them across multiple devices and platforms. The same design base will allow you to deploy as web, hybrid or native apps, and to integrate and synchronise with existing back-end systems and databases.
How Evoke works for Rapidly Designing Powerful Business Apps
Evoke is designed to address four of the major problems facing application developers and IT managers today, namely:
  • How to create line of business applications that can be used on a wide variety of devices and software platforms without having to create completely separate versions for each one. Also the consideration here is to do this without having to learn a completely separate set of tools and skills for each platform and to meet the underlying requirement to deliver a first class user experience for each platform.

  • How to manage application deployment, data synchronization and data security across a range of enterprise connected mobile devices.

  • How to ensure that you have unlimited growth capacity to meet future requirements and that any investment in application development tools and techniques will stay relevant in a rapidly changing technology landscape

  • How can this be achieved on time and within budget

Evoke Apps on Tablets
Evoke facilitates the creation of modern line of business applications. These applications are able to run on a wide range of software and hardware platforms (iPad, iPhone, Android etc. plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktop) and are capable of adapting their user interface to accommodate the physical and UI-styling differences that exist across these platforms. This means that you do not have to learn completely separate toolsets and skills for each platform. You can use your existing staff to quickly build your user interfaces, define and manage your data, and employ Evoke guidance and business logic to create your app. Data can be fully integrated with back-end systems, providing immediate synchronisation of data between devices.
Viewed from a high-level, Evoke consists of three main parts:

  • An App Designer allowing easy creation of all aspects of the apps functionality and User Interface

  • An App Generator to automatically create customizable web apps, hybrid apps or native Visual Studio or Xamarin projects based on the designs

  • Run-time Libraries to support the various flavours of generated projects

The highly modern infrastructure adopted by Evoke allows you to benefit from leveraging industry standard technologies like IDEs (Visual Studio, Xamarin), Languages (C#, JavaScript etc.), Deployment (IIS, ASP.Net etc.), Component Libraries (jQuery, ASP.NET, Knockout etc.) plus HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, XAML, C#. Evokes commitment to industry standard technologies means that the product is future proofed against technology changes as they occur, and Evokes generate, change and re-generate concept means that you are provided with ease of customisation, an unlimited growth path and the flexibility to deploy your apps the way they best suit you.

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Create business apps for all of today's major platforms and devices

Evoke Apps running on all devices

Evoke provides the developer with a single and simple way to support multiple browsers, devices, platforms and screen sizes from a single design.

If you want to benefit from leveraging industry standard technologies like ASP.NET, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, XAML, C#, Xamarin, etc without being an expert, Evoke is the product for you!


  • Fewer SDKs

  • Fewer skill sets

  • Fewer tools

  • Easier maintenance


  • Single design

  • Single IDE

  • Single app API


  • Less coding

  • Less complexity

  • More re-use