BlueFinity Testimonials
Evoke Client Testimonials
We appreciate our clients taking the time to give us feedback on our services. We always like to know how well we are meeting our clients goals and expectations and whether we live up to the high standards we set ourselves.  Please find below a list of current testimonials we have received. If you have used our services and would like to leave us a testimonial, please do contact us!

Dan Pezzato, Director of Programming, Kittery Trading Post

"With rapid development, friendly user interface and amazing support Evoke has allowed our small staff to start modernizing a 37 year old system. We have re-designed our HR systems and plan on many future enhancements that will impact the entire company. Evoke seamlessly integrates with our existing systems to allow us to dynamically change with the shifting retail environment."

Christopher McCoy, Software Engineer, EXEControl

"Evoke is a great addition to our toolset. The helpful support team and powerful product has allowed me to easily develop a web app that integrates quite well with our mvBase and D3 systems."

Dawn Wolthuis, President, Tincat Group Inc.

"Evoke is simply lovely"

Jon Kristofferson, Manager of Technical Services, Ashwood Computer Inc.

"I am a MultiValue developer and I am not young. I no longer look forward to learning new things BUT I am now learning Evoke and find it to be easy to learn, use and fun to work with. I also work with SQL Server and have not seen a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that offers so many capabilities and is as easy to use as Evoke!"

Michael Heeney, GroWare

"[Evoke] was, without a doubt, the most fun I've had programming for years."

David Jordan, Solutions4Strategy

"As a FinTech, we must deliver rapid, cost effect and rich functionality to meet the demanding expectations of our clients. Evoke is an outstanding solution that helps us to meet the demands we face."

Daniel Polhill, Techniche Global

"The online timesheet portal/app system that we have implemented from Evoke has been extremely well received by all users. With the multiplatform software our users have been able to access their timesheets from all types of devices, which is often required due to harsh site environments. As a technology recruitment business we must lead the way with innovation and adoption of new technologies. The timesheet App, built using Evoke, does just this and also embeds us with our customers day to day operations"

John Sheehan, Servotronics

"I just wanted to tell you all that your product is worth every penny. It has worked flawlessly every day. We have selected a replacement ERP. The implementation will likely take a year, but thanks to your tools, I can provide meaningful BI to our organizations and simultaneously prepare for the upcoming migration."

Cliff Ponce, Systems Development Manager at Eastern Metal Supply

"Taking our application mobile greatly improves the productivity of our sales force as it enables them to retrieve and input information about their customers while the information is fresh in their minds rather than having to update the database at a later time. Our general managers are able to access real-time reports and our IT team can diagnose and resolve problems - all from their phones. We were able to maximize on the investment we've already made in our MultiValue application to meet the needs of today's modern business, and mv.NET made the move to mobile easier than we even expected. "

Sholom Hamada, Prudential Stainless & Alloys

"BlueFinity is staking themselves on .NET and mv.NET. They seem to have the personnel to develop it. They also seem to be advancing it along as Microsoft advances .NET itself. That's a good sign. We feel comfortable with their vision."

Drew Conboy, President, Drexel Management Systems

"We had successfully installed other connectivity solutions, but after trying mv.NET, we have found it solid, fast, easy to install, robust, and feature rich. The fact that it fits across multiple flavors of MultiValue makes it the ideal solution. If anyone is looking for a way to bring open system technologies to their MultiValue applications they should look no further than to mv.NET from BlueFinity."

Nebula testimonial regarding using Evoke
Tony Gravagno, Nebula Research & Development

"mv.NET support is absolutely outstanding. It is personal, fast, and informative. If I have issues or I need to escalate questions from my clients, we always have an excellent rapport with BlueFinity and it always leads to some sort of resolution as a fix, an enhancement, or a documentation update. This is the sort of service that people appreciate. I have confidence that they are interested in building their business and they constantly reinforce the belief that they want to do business with my company and others."

"When it comes to the pure business of .NET connectivity, there is no doubt in my mind that the best product in this class in our industry is mv.NET."

Schalk de Klerk, Managing Director of OpenIT

"After researching mv.NET, it was immediately clear that this product would enhance our portfolio of world class solutions and allow us to answer the growing requirement for .NET solutions in our region."

Bjorn Eklund, Payex Online

"BlueFinity were able to provide a complete turnkey solution giving us peace of mind from initial conception through the conversion and then to final, live implementation. We are extremely pleased that we've met our goals to offer performance and efficiency improvement solutions to our customers' existing investments."

Richard Olds, Director, Calidore Computer Systems

"The idea of a proof of order delivery application isn't new, but purchasing a new system of this type is extremely expensive. mv.NET allows us to record signatures and delivery information on a Windows 7 phone and automatically update the order history in the back office system with an image of the signature and even enables automatic emailing of the invoice and delivery note to the customer all by simply pressing a button on the phone."

"The development cycle was very short - astonishingly short, actually! We were able to use our in house developers who had no knowledge of mv.NET or MultiValue. The application was developed entirely using industry standard technology in Visual Studio 2010."

Dick Thiot, Maverick Systems

"Technology continues to change at a rapid pace. Much of this is related to the interaction with users (UI). mv.NET enables MultiValue developers the option of utilizing the most current technologies in conjunction with new as well as existing MultiValue applications and enhance those applications with technologically current user interfaces. Since it uses .NET we have been able to use non-MultiValue experienced programmers to develop applications utilizing MultiValue databases."

Jon Neutens, President, Thede Ward Systems

"mv.NET was easy to install and use and it ran as advertised. We now use mv.NET to run D3 subroutines and to read and write data for our proprietary browser-based business intelligence and reporting tool. In fact, we are so impressed with BlueFinity that we have now implemented a universal D3 Data Object Web Service and are incorporating other new web-based tools and applications, augmenting our current offerings."

Paul Parkinson, Director at Ideal Business Services

"We started using mv.NET about 5 years ago for a number of new projects which were required to be web-based. Since then we have used mv.NET on several projects, both web and desktop based, and find it easy to use and reliable. As we do not need to change our MultiValue database structures, we have now started to redevelop our existing legacy systems using mv.NET. BlueFinity's support team are always willing to help no matter what time of day the request is sent. I would highly recommend mv.NET."

Doug Owens, Integration Specialist at Ashwood Computer

"Bluefinity's mv.NET products are in use at Ashwood Computer customer sites across the US. New improved features and functionality are constantly being added by Bluefinity's development team, enabling developers to provide the types of solutions their end-users require so that they can then provide improved support for their own customers. The return on investment in mv.NET is prompt and on-going!"