mv.NET - Installing New Licenses
After you have requested new mv.NET licenses these will need to be installed. Please follow the instructions below.

Once you have requested your new mv.NET license(s), you will receive one or two emails (see image right) containing a license file.
mv.NET as a whole is licensed in 2 parts. Firstly, if you have purchased developer licenses, each developer's workstation needs activating (these are called CID licenses). Secondly, each server for which you have purchased runtime licenses will need the relevant number of database access licenses enabling (these are called DALs). You will receive a license file for each part of mv.NET that you request a license for.

Installing the new mv.NET License
The license files (*.lic files attached to the emails) now need to be copied from the emails and moved to:
  • On Windows for PC and Windows Server 2008 systems and above:

  • On all other systems:
          C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BlueFinity\Licences

Registering the new mv.NET License
Your now need to run the License Registration Utility - a shortcut to which will have been placed in the Start menu under BlueFinity.
If you already have a previously registered license for the same database (for example a previously activated evaluation license), you will need to highlight it within the top listbox and click the Unregister button to remove it.
Next, highlight the new license(s) within the Licenses Awaiting Registration listbox and click the register button. At this point your new license will be active.
Note, the License Manager does not need to be restarted for the new license to be detected and it is essential that you do not amend the contents of any license files.

For support with mv.NET licensing or any other mv.NET issues please contact BlueFinity's mv.NET support group.