mv.NET and mv.SSIS videos

Using mv.NET to generate Visual Studio application code

What BlueFinity products generate code and what kind of code is produced? How is code re-generation and code customization handled?

Creating Mobile Applications that Access MultiValue Data

What has Bluefinity done in this area? What are the main future developments in this arena?

Using SSIS to integrate MultiValue data into Microsoft SQL

What is SSIS? How does BlueFinity integrate with SSIS? What kind of things do customers do with it?

Entity Modelling - What is it and why is it so useful?

What is Entity Modeling? What kind of things have developers done with EM? How has BlueFinity embraced it?

Windows 8 and its Implications for the MultiValue World

What are the most significant new aspects of Windows 8? What will be the main impact of Windows 8 in terms of computer usage in general? In what ways will Windows 8 impact the MultiValue market? 

What's new at BlueFinity?

Find out what's new in the latest release of mv.NET

Creating RESTful services with mv.NET

How are MultiValue developers using RESTful Services? What differentiates BlueFinity's RESTful Services generation from others?

mv.NET Solution Objects

BlueFinity International supplies Microsoft-centric tools which allow MultiValue developers to create applications using the very latest technologies while retaining their valuable and often substantial investment in MultiValue software and knowledge.
mv.NET Solution Objects allows the creation of powerful object-based projections of your MultiValue database. It is great for providing MultiValue database access for .NET developers who know little or nothing about MultiValue technology.

You Tube Channels

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Evoke channel

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Whether you are a developer, a reseller or a user of MultiValue applications, BlueFinity innovations will catapult your MultiValue applications to the forefront of tomorrow's computing solutions.