Selected Features

Evoke offers so much more, all through Point and Click, Drop and Drag and Option Select making it perfect for Citizen Developers and Professionals alike.

Here are just a few of the things you can quickly and easily select while putting together your Evoke App.
  • WYSIWYG screens in Evoke
  • Using a Chatbot with Evoke
  • Using widgets with Evoke
  • cardview style record display with Evoke
  • Graphs implemented with Evoke
  • Evokes language support
  • Evokes file upload-download support
  • Signature capture and display with Evoke
  • Using the device camera with Evoke
  • using Web Services with Evoke
  • Printing from any device with Evoke
  • Calculator display with Evoke
  • Adaptive screens in Evoke built apps
  • Embed Videos with Evoke
  • Payments with Evoke
  • Evokes 360 degree images
  • Searching, Sorting and Filtering with Evoke
  • Evokes Font and Color support
  • Emailing direct from an app with Evoke
  • Integrated Security from an app with Evoke
  • Barcode and QR codes in an app with Evoke