Evoke Generator
The purpose of the Evoke app generator is to convert the easily created application designs (created by the Evoke Designer) into hard IDE content in order to allow for the deployment of the app, or if required for custom content to be added to the app. This content may then be generated and deployed as Web Apps, Hybrid Apps or generate directly to create Visual Studio or Xamarin projects to enable onward development in a native environment using all the power and versatility of Visual Studio (and Xamarin) as required. In doing so, the developer is given the best of both worlds - quick and easy application construction along with unrestricted enhancement and customization capabilities.
At any point during the application design process, the developer is able to use Evoke's app generator to produce a Visual Studio solution containing both UI and code elements based on the content of the design.
Each target platform selected within the application design will be represented by either a dedicated project or by segmented code areas within a shared project. The structure of the generated content is such that onward development and customization work will not be impacted by repeated code generation cycles.
Within the app designer, the developer is able to (where necessary) identify areas of the UI to be created manually using custom Visual Studio components/functionality. This might be done, for example, to allow specific 3rd party control libraries to be incorporated within an application or perhaps to allow sections of the UI to be constructed and driven in a very specific manner.
The generator is also able to create database schema content based on an app designer data model and (in the opposite direction) create data model content based on existing database schema layouts.
The set of Visual Studio projects created by the app generator represents a complete end-to-end solution for your app. They also provide for the UI for each required run-time platform, the RESTful web service used by the UI and all of the necessary back-end code required for full interaction with back-end repositories and databases. The Evoke Generator can also create the CRUD code on the database server ready for you to flesh-out as required, based on your specific database architecture.