Evoke Components

Evoke Components are self contained functional components that can be added to the UI of an app in just a couple of clicks. Evoke Components also contain Code Hooks making them very easy to amend if required.
  • Using the device camera with Evoke
  • Using a Chatbot with Evoke
  • Graphs implemented with Evoke
  • Emailing direct from an app with Evoke
  • using Web Services with Evoke
  • cardview style record display with Evoke
  • Calculator display with Evoke
  • Embed Videos with Evoke
  • Payments with Evoke
Components provide multiple different functional options for you to use in your app design including:
  • Chatbots - Javascript Chatbot or IBM Watson

  • Web Services - Connect to a web service / restful service

  • Mapping - include live Google Maps in your app

  • Videos - Embed and control videos in your app

  • 360° images - View 360° images and add hotspotting

  • Photos - display and manipulate photos outside of templates

  • Graphs - multiple different styles of graph, all available as components

  • Online Payments - include support for PayPal, Stripe, Credit Cards and Bank APIs

  • Calculator - include a claculator, on a screen or sliding in

  • CardView - display records as "cards" that can be designed using a wizard

  • Plus many many other Components

The best place to see a demonstration of and a comprehensive list of "Components" available to use in the Evoke is by using the Evoke Example App.
This app has been created, using Evoke, and is deployed as a live app at Evoke Example App. The specific URL is https://www.appevoke.com/ExampleApp