Evoke in Healthcare

The need for highly secure, mobile and web (browser/cloud) based business apps to help in Healthcare management has grown exponentially in the past few years.
Services, such as automated billing and appointment booking as well as an array of other aspects of daily operations and management have seen the introduction of apps within healthcare organizations. Apps can be set-up to provide access to operations staff, medical professionals and patients, each with their discrete profiles and high levels of security with restricted access to information based on their authorization level.

Security is, of course, a key element of providing services in Healthcare, and it is vital to maintain that security and data protection when making those services available through an app. With Evoke extensive user security allows the provision of subsets of information to your employees and patients and allow them to update selected information directly from their phones, tablets and desktops thereby improving efficiency and information capture. All data in Evoke apps is encrypted and multi-level, and multi-factor authentication ensures all client accounts remain in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH regulations.

Reporting and Flexibility
  • Evoke Pipeline App on Android
  • Evoke banking App Iphone Screenshot
  • Evoke Graphs Example App on Iphone
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  • Evoke SOP App on Ipad Screenshot
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  • Evoke Graphs Iphone Screenshot
  • Evoke Graphs App Desktop Screenshot
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  • Evoke Timesheets App Ipad Screenshot
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Evoke apps can produce real time reports, displayed, printed (or stored as PDFs) that can be configured to report on the data selected; e.g. billing, stock availability, appointment, patient information, expenses against budgets, etc.
Evoke's own Component Library of actions, over 100 different UI Widgets and standalone Components (including Web services, Google Maps, 360° images and hot-spotting, embedded videos, Chatbots, etc.) combined with its options for unlimited customisation provides all you need to create sophisticated apps for the business. You can create both analytical and graphical elements of the same app and establish the view and functions according to the type/management position of the authorised user, providing the right UI for the right person at different points of use.

Information Management
Screenshot of an app built using Evoke on an Iphone
Screenshot of graph in an app built using Evoke on an Iphone
Evoke apps also allow you to manage extensive information distribution, securely and efficently.
Documents, files, x-rays, letters, etc. (all the information that a healthcare practice stores, uses and disseminates) can all be controlled very effectively in a desktop and mobile/cloud environment through your app.
Most importantly the representation of this information to the end-user can be in the appropriate style; e.g. graphical, analytical, as a file or document etc.
Store your data where and how you need. Evoke apps support file structures on servers, the cloud and even in your database (using File Tables).
One of the fundamental principles of Evoke is that you should not need to change your database, its structure or any part of it to be able to use it within an Evoke built app. When you display your data/documents in a datagrid/table of data in your app, then you can allow your users to control and manipulate the display of data as well as the selection of the data within their security band.

The best place to see a demonstration of some of the powerful Evoke functions used by companies in Healthcare when they have built apps is by using the Evoke Example App.
This app has been created, using Evoke, and is deployed as a live app at Evoke Example App. The specific URL is https://www.appevoke.com/ExampleApp