Evoke MRAD App development Flow Diagram

What is Evoke

Evoke is a low cost, low-code, rapid app development platform that enables your existing staff to cost effectively design, develop and deploy complete employee/customer-facing apps across multiple devices from watches/mobile phones through tablets and desktops. Evoke allows you to easily create web, hybrid and native apps and fully integrate and synchronise with existing back-end systems and databases. See a Video Introduction.

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Evoke in Retail

Retail Shopping Center
The Evoke no-code/low-code app development platform is making what was a previously challenging and expensive option of electing to deploy apps, now a very affordable, accessible and viable one for all retailers.

Using Evoke, retailers are now able to design and deploy the apps that specifically meet both their needs and the needs of their customers, and they do not have to employ specialist app developers to do it but can use their existing staff to create apps.

Build Web and Native Apps

Evoke low code/no-code approach provides you with unlimited potential for easily creating your business apps. You can easily and quickly build and deploy mobile and desktop web apps or create native apps and deploy through app stores.

Evoke will automatically turn the app design, that you have created with Evoke's drag and drop/option select,

into ready to use, deployable app code, that is accessible via industry standard Visual Studio. You will always be able to access your full and complete app source code in a standard Visual Studio solution structure.

Evoke is a No-code/Low-code Cross Platform App Development Solution

Evoke is a sophisticated visual development environment that allows rapid business app development by drag & drop, point & click and option selection. Rather than provide a closed development environment as traditional 4GLs typically do, it provides an open, extensible development framework, built on industry standard principles and tool sets, with unlimited flexibility to customise as required. The framework is supported by an extensive range of actions, routines and multi-level selection processes that mean you can quickly build your user interfaces, define and manage your data, and employ Evoke functionality and business logic throughout to create your desktop, web and mobile apps.

From Startups to the Largest Multinational

Evoke enables the creation of professional full function business apps by companies of all sizes and diverse requirements, from start-ups to the largest multi-nationals.
It's easy to use, advanced no-code/low-code app design platform means you can quickly create the business app you want with the functionality your customers need. Evoke will even provide you a full and complete Visual Studio solution, delivering to you 100% of the app source code, so that you can further develop your app with some unique features if you wish. No matter what size your company, Evoke provides a faster, more cost efficient and effective app development solution whilst ensuring you an unlimited growth path through its flexibility and open array of development options.

Use your Existing Staff to Design Powerful Apps
Use your Existing Staff to Design Powerful Apps with Evoke

You are able to use your existing staff who know your company, your systems, your customers and your requirements better than anyone, to build your apps using Evoke. Design an app using drag and drop, point and click and option select - if they can use a PC they can build an app using Evoke.
Evokes powerful but intuitive designer technology supports and assists them through each step of the process of producing impressive and effective business apps.

Integration with Multiple Databases

With Evoke you do not need to change your database, the structure of your database or any part of your database. Evoke provides for seamless integration with and full support of all types of SQL, Oracle and MultiValue databases. The full functionality of read/write/manipulation of data, using whatever structure was previously created, can be accomodated without the need to change the database. There is also support for stored procedures, DataBasic sub-routines, etc.

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