From a start-up to the largest multi-national

The Evoke development platform was conceived to meet and support the requirements of all companies, from a start-up through to the very largest multi-national.

It does this by providing options and flexibility throughout the design and system generation methodologies. First there is the single design process that you can employ to be as simple or sophisticated as your requirements dictate. Multiple design techniques across multiple levels provides for sophisticated and professional apps to be created as both no code and low-code options. You also have the option of including custom code in to Evoke at any stage. This may include code or formulae specific to your company, library routines from third parties or existing routines and code from your legacy systems

Once the design is complete, you can simply select the way you choose to generate your solution according to how you wish to deploy and use your apps. You have the option to select and generate your solutions as web apps or as native apps (generating complete Visual Studio and Xamarin projects from the same design) thereby opting for the preferred route best suited to your company.

This means that a smaller company that wants a web app solution can create and fully deploy this, probably through the 'no code' Evoke option using their existing staff, in the knowledge that at any time they are able to progress to native solutions. This will provide them with a fast development time and rapid deployment of their apps. For a larger company with a substantial IT department, they may choose a native solution. In which case, Evoke is not competition, instead it will fully support IT. The solution will be generated as a Visual Studio/Xamarin project from the outset, but will still provide for a significantly faster time to develop and deploy. This is coupled with unlimited scalability and the full flexibility of the VS project as if IT had written the code themselves, but with the option at any time of returning to the Evoke design to enhance the design and regenerate.

Even if at the early phases of deployment you opted for a web app solution and you now want your IT department to take it to native, then you can simply regenerate the same design to create as Visual Studio (and Xamarin) projects, ready for onward development. Find out more about developing Web and Native Apps