Evoke Apps in Different Langauges
Evoke built apps can be viewed by different users in different languages. Everything in the app, except data retreived from the database, can be translated into different languages including:
  • Menu items (main menu, sub-menus, header menus, grid row menus, etc)

  • Prompts (before or above data fields)

  • Text (static and descriptive)

  • Header segments (Segment header, tabs, etc

  • and much more

However, it is also easy to exclude any items that you do not want to be translated for whatever reason.
Evoke supports languages translations into any language in the ISO Language Code Table.

The best place to see a demonstration of diggerent languages in use in the Evoke is by using the Evoke Example App. You can log in with the following user details to see the app in the respective different languages:
  • English   -  Login Name: Demo      Password: Demo

  • Spanish  -  Login Name: Spanish   Password: Spanish

  • French   -  Login Name: French     Password: French

  • Swedish -  Login Name: Swedish   Password: Swedish

This app has been created, using Evoke, and is deployed as a live app at Review Evoke Example App. The specific URL is https://www.appevoke.com/ExampleApp