Evoke in Sales

As sales teams become geographically devolved, increase working from home or sometimes grow exponentially, managing the sales pipeline, in real time, is more important than ever for companies. Mobile and desktop web/native apps have become key to successful management of a sales pipeline and time/process management for the sales team.
Evoke's powerful, yet easy to use, low cost, no-code/low-code, rapid app development platform and it's WYSIWYG design interface has enabled companies to use their existing staff to build comprehensive sales management & pipeline apps, that mirror their specific sales processes and requirements, through drag and drop, point and click and option select methodologies.
Evoke's low-cost model enables the creation of professional full function business apps by companies of all sizes and diverse requirements, from start-ups to the largest multi-nationals.
It's advanced no-code/low-code app design platform means you can quickly create the sales management/pipeline app with the functionality your company, sales team and management require. Evoke will even generate (from the app you designed) a full and complete Visual Studio solution, delivering to you 100% of the app source code, so that you can further develop your app. No matter what size your company, Evoke provides a faster, more cost efficient and effective app development solution whilst ensuring you an unlimited growth path through its flexibility and open array of development options.

How Companies have benefited from an Evoke built Sales Management & Pipeline App

Sales Staff have benefited by:

  • Instant access to prospect/customer information at any time, in or out of the office.
  • Maintaining and monitoring comprehensive, up-to-date accounts of all activities.
  • Reminders of action/dates of next call supporting an improved level of customer service.
  • A dashboard for process, motivation and reference.

Management have benefited by:

  • The ability to monitor sales staff activity, progress and prospect status, in the office or on the train.
  • The facility to gauge and compare activity through graphical illustrations.
  • Being able to obtain immediate access to the latest status of customers and prospects, as and when you need it.

The Company has benefited by:

  • The delivery of an app that can be deployed across multiple devices and platforms, making it suitable for your company's management and staff regardless of their phone or type of device.
  • The use of the facilities available to it from the Evoke Rapid App Development product. Your company can easily customise and onward develop the app, to create an app to your exact requirements with the require 'look and feel'.
  • The provison of all the facilities you need for the full integration of the app with your back office systems and databases.

Sales App Design
With Evoke you build the app to meet your exact requirements. The following are just some of the design considerations that companies have used when building sales management & pipeline apps using Evoke.


Maintain account information, contact logs, contacts, sales opportunities and instantly access through automated sort and select options.


  • Maintain information on identified accounts (including suspects, prospects and customers)
  • Maintain extensive information for each contact, each account and the sales opportunities within the accounts.
  • Keep contact logs (inc. updated status, next action and contact dates etc.) for all accounts
  • Instant access to all information through sort and select

Sales Prospects

Sales Prospects

Manage sales prospects and sales opportunities through a traditional sales pipeline view.

Sales Prospects:

  • Maintain and access sales information on prospects for on-going sales as well as historical information such as signed accounts, dead opportunities etc.
  • Instant access to all sales information and activity (contact details, call logs, status, next actions and dates etc.)



Convert opportunities to customers and manage the customer contact through the sales pipeline app.


  • Maintain and access detailed customer information (including full sales history, contact logs and status) to support account management activities
  • Open, review and track new sales opportunities within existing customers



View all sales activity by sales person and by prospect. Display status, call logs, last and next call dates.


  • View all sales activity by sales person and by prospect. Display status, call logs, last and next call dates etc.
  • Obtain statistical analysis regarding sales persons activity, success rates etc. and display on graphs, pie charts etc.

Any Database, Any Technology

With Evoke you do not need to change your database, the structure of your database or any part of your database. Evoke provides for seamless integration with (and full support for) all types of SQL, Oracle and MultiValue databases. The full functionality of read/write/manipulation of data, using your existing database structure, can be accommodated without the need to change the database.

Based on a single design and code base, Evoke will support the deployment of Apps across multiple platforms and devices. Through Evoke you can dynamically, change a single user interface so that multiple sizes, types and operating systems of these devices are provided for, presenting the users of each device with optimum visual displays. The apps you create as a single app design using Evoke (native or web) can work in all the different browsers available (including Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc), on all the different operating systems (including iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, etc) and on all the different device types (desktop computers (Windows and Apple), laptops, tablets, mobile phones and even watches).

The best place to see a demonstration of some of the powerful Evoke functions used by companies (when they have built sales management & pipeline apps) is by using the Evoke Example App.
This app has been created, using Evoke, and is deployed as a live app at Evoke Example App. The specific URL is https://www.appevoke.com/ExampleApp