Evoke in Retail

Evoke will provide the app developer with all they need to design and create a full function retail experience within their app. Aimed at personnel across all areas of the retail and the associated logistics industry, apps can now be constructed to meet the requirements of in-store retail, backup support and management and operations staff as well as providing an all-encompassing on-line retail experience for their customers.

You can now create your apps to include the whole retail operation within the app itself or to operate as an integrated element of your existing enterprise and on-line environment.

Evoke is a cost-effective, low-code app development platform that provides the complete environment for your existing staff to design, develop and deploy business apps across multiple devices (IOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets, plus Windows, Apple and Linux desktops) for multiple industry sectors and large and small companies. For retail, Evoke provides the app developer with an extensive array of components, widgets, adaptations and features enabled by point & click, drag & drop and option select, that provide for a complete range of retail services.

The resulting apps can be set up to meet the needs of

  • The Store with product display, product select and complete transaction processing

  • A complete on-line and personalized shopping environment for your Customers

  • Warehousing support and logistical delivery support

  • Payment processing (credit card, stripe, Paypal, etc)

  • Management Information and control

Extensive operational support includes:

  • Product filtering and display and select for detailed descriptions

  • Integrated Barcode, QR code, and other product selection

  • Multiple display options (Comprehensive CardView formats, 360 degree/Virtual tour images with hotspots, Slider bars and other display options)

  • Complete transaction processing including the full shopping cart operation and cash and multiple card payment methods

  • Printing or emailing of receipts