Evoke in Education

Apps created using Evoke can be deployed across all areas of the education system. As the apps are able to operate across multiple devices (from watches and mobile phones through to tablets and desktops) it means that the apps are ideally suited for use by all types of staff, management, students and parents. They can also be used in diverse locations, conditions and at any time whether in an office, the school, at home or on the bus or train, all in real-time.
So, the requirements of all areas of the system can be accommodated. For example;
School; Management and distribution of timetables, pupil liaison, homework submission, tracking and assessment, targets and grades etc.
Students; Immediate access to timetables and schedule of events, homework submission, up-to-the-minute access to general school information and communications.
Office; Timetables and schedules, financial administration and control, tracked communication with teachers, students and parents as well as many other areas of general administration and management Parents; Guaranteed two-way communication with appropriate areas of the school, copies of son/daughter’s timetable, location changes, fee settlement etc.
In both cases the need for real-time information, any where and at any time, is cruical.

Evoke provides the app developer with all they need to design and create full function apps aimed at either communicating information and giving direction/instruction or assisting with other areas of the education process. It's low code/no-code approach provides you with unlimited scope to rapidly build and deploy mobile and desktop web (browser) apps or generate native apps (from the same design) for deployment through app stores.

Security is a key element of providing information or services in the education sector. In addition to the obvious data protection issues that could arise, there are the considerations of possibly working with children, the need for confidentiality and possible physical security issues if personal/timetable information was exposed. With Evoke extensive user security allows the provision of subsets of information to your staff, students and parents allowing them to review or update selected information directly from their phones, tablets and desktops. All data in Evoke apps is encrypted and multi-level, and multi-factor authentication ensures all information remains secure.

Information Management
Screenshot of an app built using Evoke on an Iphone
Screenshot of graph in an app built using Evoke on an Iphone
Evoke apps allow you to manage the distribution of all types of information securely and efficently.
Messages and communications to parents, students and staff can be provided either as emails, messages or alerts (e.g. an urgent alert regarding a missing child, a security concern at the facility, etc) if the message needs to be seen quickly.
More general information (e.g., Newsletters, Documents, files, letters, etc.) that the education facility stores, uses and/or disseminates can all be controlled very effectively and securly in a desktop and mobile/cloud environment via your app.
The representation all types of information to the end-user can be in the appropriate, selected style; e.g., graphical, analytical, as a file or document.
Store your data where and how you need. Evoke apps support file structures on servers, the cloud and even in your database (using File Tables).
Evoke will allow you to create an app that covers all aspects of a "Parent-Link", "Student-Link" or "Staff-link" facility.

The best place to see a demonstration of some of the powerful Evoke functions used in the education market when they have built apps is by using the Evoke Example App.
This app has been created, using Evoke, and is deployed as a live app at Evoke Example App. The specific URL is https://www.appevoke.com/ExampleApp