Data Mappings
When the Repositories are defined and connected to, you will need to link the Properties that have been set up in Entities (that relate to properties in the actual database) to Properties in the database. To do this you simply ask your DataBase Administrator (DBA) to help with filling in your Data Mappings in Evoke.
In Data Mappings all of the Repositories that you set up are listed, when you select one of these Evoke will list all the Entities that you set up and that are able to be mapped. Against each Entity you can select a 'Repository Object' and against each Property you can define:
  • Attribute Position

  • Data Type (as defined in Entities)

  • Data Conversion Type

  • Entity Key Storage (if appropriate) e.g. Local, Remote, Embedded, etc

Each of the Selections, that have been set up in Entities can also have the "Filter Clause" and "Sort Clause" set. These are used in the Evoke Generator, when the App is generated and, if required, Evoke can generate the database CRUD for you.