App Settings
When you select any existing App and version or start a new App in Evoke, the "App" screen is displayed. In App you set up the following for the selected App:
  • App Startup

  • App Styling

  • Global DataSources

  • Access Control

  • Developer Access

App Startup
The App Startup section allows the App designer to specify what happens after the App is loaded by a user. Most importantly this is where the login page that will be used by the app is defined. You can also specify if a login button, other than the default button, is to be used on the login page or if a specific authentication selection is to be run instead of the default.
In addition, you can select if you would like to take the user to a specific page series after they login or request that they make a selection from the menu. Finally, if you would like the App to retreive some related data, for the user that has logged in i.e. their companies details, etc, so that these can be used immediately, you can specify the related data to be retrieved.

App Styling
All of the standard colours used in Evoke can be defined, by the App Designer, in App styling. You can pick from web colours or if your company has specific colour numbers you can use these. There is also the opportunity to set a full set of additional custom colours to be used in your App.
You can redefine any of the reserved regions in your App e.g. the menu area, data grid, headers, text, loading progress bar, backgrounds, etc to use any of the colours you have set up. You can also set new default margins and cultures, even turn on a special help button that will allow your App users to access App specific user help (that you are able to set up).
If you choose to redefine the styles, margins, culture, etc then you can save your styling as a new Theme. Your theme can then be applied to your current App and used again and again to give all or some of your Apps your corporate theme.
Finally in App Styling you are able to add a Logo or corporate message that will appear, if set, on the menu bar of your App.

Global DataSources
DataSources are defined in more detail in the Data Sources description. It is possible that you will want some of your datasources to be setup on App load and used throughout your App not just in a single page series. You can set any datasources or refined datasources (see Data Sources) to be global datasources and therefore available at any time throughout your App.

Access Control
The Access control user groups allow you to set up different groups, that you will allocate to each user of your App (e.g. Customer, Manager, Salesteam, Accounts Department, etc). You are then able to use the access control features within Evoke to provide completely unique App experiences for each of the user groups. Access control allows you to show/hide different menu options for different groups, show/hide different data or information on pages, follow different paths through the app, etc.

Developer Access
When designed or maintaining your App, you may want multiple people to work on the design. In developer access control you can define the developers, that are part of your Evoke account, that you want to a) have full access to your App design and b) access specific versions of your App design.